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Bondville, VT 05340

One-of-a-kind, hand-dyed garments. 


Plant: Indigo 

Colors: Blue tones

Origin: Tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Harvest: Grow between 3ft to 6 ft tall; Harvest is late summer to early fall

Dyestuff: Leaves

Insect: Cochineal 

Colors: Red tones

Origin: South America

Dyestuff: Insect resin

lant: Logwood

Colors: Purple tones

Origin: Central America

Dyestuff: Heartwood (woodchips)


Insects: Lac

Colors: Pink tones

Origin: South East Asia

Dyestuff: Insect resin

Plant: Madder

Colors: Red tones

Origin: The Middle East, south central Asia, and Europe

Harvest: Grows to be approx. 4 ft tall. Harvest roots in spring or fall; plant tops are harvested late fall to winter.

Dyestuff: Roots, plant tops.